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Domain Names for Sale or Lease
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For Prospective Buyers - please read the following before going to the Domains for Sale Area:

1. Free to Search, Free to Bid

You may search through the available domain names for FREE. If you find a domain name available for sale that you like you may contact the seller directly to negotiate a price.

2. Buyer Beware!

We receive new domain names each day and post them once we receive confirmation that they are indeed for sale. We try to make sure that the person listing the domain for sale is either the owner of the domain name or is authorized by the owner to sell the domain name. We do this by sending an e-mail to the listed administrative contact to confirm the intention to sell the name.

In spite of our efforts, domain names may be listed which are misrepresented as for sale when in fact they are not. Please exercise your own due diligence as a purchaser to determine that the person you are contacting is legitimately authorized to sell the domain name. When purchasing a domain name, whether from MAXdomains or another site or dealer, you may want to consider using the MAXdomains Escrow Service to help protect you and your money - the seller pays for the cost of the service.

One other factor to consider is to make sure that the registration fee (charged by interNIC or other registrar services like has been paid by the seller. You should make sure that you know when the renewal date is and what the amount that you owe will be on that date.

3. Negotiate

If you are interested in a domain name, contact the person by e- mail who owns it. You may find it useful to research alternative domain names which could be available and within your price range. See The Value of Domain Names to help determine the value of the domain name you might be interested in.

4. Leasing

Sometimes instead of buying a name outright, a more cost- effective strategy (especially if you are just starting your business) would be to lease the domain name. Leasing gives you the right to use the domain name by making monthly or yearly payments but the ownership is retained by the current registrant. This saves on costs of starting an online business.

One difficulty with leasing is that you don't have outright control of the domain name which means if somebody comes along with sufficient cash to purchase the name you may have to find another name. Another difficulty you may have would be to enforce a contract with someone who lives in another state or country.

5. Domain Name Purchasing Procedures

Once you have reached an agreed upon price, you pay the person who is the registrant to change the domain name to you and change the contact information to your contact information. Again, an escrow service like MAXdomains Escrow Service can help you in this process if you request it.

If you agree on a leasing arrangement, you need to draw up a contract, agree on the terms, and then get a web hosting service to host the domain name.

6. Right to Amend Terms and Time (ProQuality Corporation) reserves the right to amend or modify the terms of domain listings and sales at any time by posting the amended terms on its site. The amended terms shall be automatically effective once they are posted at

7. Indemnification

Buyers agree to hold (ProQuality Corporation) harmless of any claims resulting from seller's misrepresentations or failure to appropriately transfer domain name. Buyers also agree to hold (ProQuality Corporation) harmless of any claims of infringement of any trade name, trademark, service mark, copyright, or license of any person or organization.

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